Following functions are not really useful but more a way to remember the syntax of keras.

ensae_teaching_dl.examples.keras_mnist.keras_build_mnist_model (nb_classes, fLOG = None)

Builds a :epkg:`CNN` for MNIST with keras.

ensae_teaching_dl.examples.keras_mnist.keras_fit (model, X_train, Y_train, X_test, Y_test, batch_size = 128, nb_classes = None, epochs = 12, fLOG = None)

Fits a keras model.

ensae_teaching_dl.examples.keras_mnist.keras_mnist_data ()

Retrieves the MNIST database for keras.

ensae_teaching_dl.examples.keras_mnist.keras_predict (model, X_test, Y_test)

Computes the predictions with a keras model.