manydataapi.parsers.dataframe_to (df, out, kwargs)

Exports a dataframe into the write format. The function uses the file extension to choose the right exporter.


The main function which calls the others parsers is:

manydataapi.parsers.read_folder (folder = ‘.’, reader = ‘CT1’, pattern = ‘.*[.].{1,3}$’, verbose = False, out = None, fLOG = None)

Applies the same parser on many files in a folder.

Then for different formats:

manydataapi.parsers.ct1.dummy_ct1 ()

Returns a dummy file for format CT1.

manydataapi.parsers.ct1.read_ct1 (file_or_str, encoding = ‘ascii’, as_df = True)

Parses a file or a string which follows a specific format called CT1. See function dummy_ct1 for an example.