- NegativeLogLikelihoodLossInternal#

NegativeLogLikelihoodLossInternal - 1 (


This version of the operator has been available since version 1 of domain




  • reduction: Type of reduction to apply to loss: none, sum, mean(default). ‘none’: the output is the loss for each sample in the batch.’sum’: the output will be summed. ‘mean’: the sum of the output will be divided by the batch_size. Default value is ?.


Between 2 and 4 inputs.

  • input (heterogeneous) - T: Input tensor of shape (N, C) or (N, C, d1, d2, …, dk).

  • target (heterogeneous) - Tind: Target tensor of shape (N) or (N, d1, d2, …, dk). Target element value shall be in range of [0, C). If ignore_index is specified, it may have a value outside [0, C) and the target values should either be in the range [0, C) or have the value ignore_index.

  • weight (optional, heterogeneous) - T: Optional rescaling weight tensor. If given, it has to be a tensor of size C. Otherwise, it is treated as if having all ones.

  • ignore_index (optional, heterogeneous) - I: Scalar tensor to specify a target value that is ignored and does not contribute to the input gradient.


  • loss (heterogeneous) - T: The negative log likelihood loss