1. Measure the processing time of a function

Measure the processing time of a function


from onnxcustom.utils import measure_time
from math import cos

res = measure_time("cos(x)", context=dict(cos=cos, x=5.))


    {'average': 1.2832914944738149e-05, 'deviation': 9.344914138997379e-07, 'min_exec': 1.2260046787559986e-05, 'max_exec': 1.555995550006628e-05, 'repeat': 10, 'number': 50}

(original entry : of onnxcustom.utils.benchmark.measure_time, line 10)

Ligne de commande#

Commande check#


Checks the module works as expected.


python -m onnxcustom check --help


usage: check [-h] [-v VERBOSE]

Runs a couple of functions to check the module is working.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v VERBOSE, --verbose VERBOSE
                        0 to hide the standout output (default: 1)