API Summary


pyrsslocal.rss.rss_blogpost.BlogPost (self, id_rss, title, guid, isPermaLink, link, description, pubDate, keywords = None, id = -1)

A blog post.

pyrsslocal.DatabaseRSS (self, dbfile, table_blogs = ‘blogs’, table_posts = ‘posts’, table_stats = ‘posts_stat’, table_event = ‘events’, LOG = <function fLOG at 0x7f07d97f5550>)

Database specific to RSS.

pyrsslocal.rss.rss_stream.StreamRSS (self, titleb, type, xmlUrl, htmlUrl, keywordsb, id = -1, nb = None)

Requires :epkg:`feedparser`. Description of an RSS stream.

Command line

pyrsslocal.cli.compile_rss_blogs (links, url, description, template = None, title = ‘BLOG’, author = ‘AUTHOR’, keywords = ‘blog,python’, out_html = ‘index.html’, out_rss = ‘rssfile.xml’, validate = None, fLOG = <built-in function print>)

Compiles multiple blogs in one single blog. Uses RSS files.

Reading, merging blog posts

pyrsslocal.rss.rss_helper.enumerate_post_from_rss (content, rss_stream = None)

Parses a RSS stream.

pyrsslocal.rss.rss_helper.enumerate_rss_merge (rss_urls, title = ‘compilation’, min_size = None)

Merges many rss file or url.

pyrsslocal.rss.rss_helper.rss_from_xml_to_database (file, database = ‘database_rss.db3’, table = ‘blogs’, fLOG = None)

Parses a list of blogs stored in a XML file using Google Reader format, stores the results in a :epkg:`SQLite` database.

pyrsslocal.rss.rss_helper.to_rss (obj, link, description)

Converts something into RSS.


pyrsslocal.xmlhelper.xmlfilewalk.table_extraction_from_xml_files (file, output, fields, log = False, encoding = ‘utf-8’, errors = None)

Goes through a XML file, extracts values and put them into a flat file.

pyrsslocal.xmlhelper.xml_filter_iterator (file, filter_ = None, log = False, xmlformat = True, fLOG = None, encoding = ‘utf-8’, errors = None)

Goes through a XML file, returns XML content if a condition is verified, the result is an iterator.